Hannah Emerson is a nonspeaking autistic artist and poet whose work has graced Bomb Magazine, Poetry Society of America, and The Brooklyn Rail. Her chapbook, You Are Helping This Great Universe Explode, was published by Unrestricted Editions in 2020. Her latest collection of poems, The Kissing of Kissing, will be published as the first book in Milkweed‘s new Multiverse series on March 8th, 2022.

Hannah is proud to be a part of a wider community of neurodivergent writers through Unrestricted Interest. Learn more about Unrestricted Interest and explore the works of these other poets here.


Please kiss the page that I write on trying to get you to see the universe in the way that I do yes yes. Please try to kiss the animal inside you trying to bite you yes yes. Please try to kiss the nothing that is waiting for you yes yes. Please try to find your deeper ear great teachers you can hear more than the normal way yes yes. Please try to live in the caldron of magic that we swim in yes yes. Please try to go to the great great great mother of all yes yes. I love you yes yes.